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Inspired by nature

Let us take the glamorous colours of autumn to the wide world! The Tiptiptap Forest series was born from northern autumn which offers marvellous variety of colours. Four seasons tested products have been created to survive climate change, joyful colours attract attention and wide product range allows pure joy of play.


Bright green, warm brown, alluring red, ripe purple, quiet grey – these are the colours with which the arriving autumn welcomes the leaving summer. The glamorous northern variety of colours on the Forest series products attracts attention and creates emotions regardless of climate or season.


All the Tiptiptap products are of high quality, safe and endurable. Besides standard materials we can make our products maintenance-free. Considering the climate and location of the destination we always find the best and the most permanent solution.


Children love the Forest series of which the selection offers everything necessary for the best playground: exciting campuses with chutes and swings, climbing nets, tracks and walls, sand boxes for building, ships, trains, cars and lovely play houses for role playing games.

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